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Your Dynamic Inspection Services home inspection includes items such as:

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Structural Components – Interior and Exterior – Foundation – Basement and / or Crawl Space – Porches and Decks – Roof and Attic – Gutters and Site Drainage – Insulation and Ventilation – Water Heater – Electrical System – Plumbing and Fixtures – Kitchen Appliances – Garage – Level 1 HVAC Diagnostic

Plus ancillary services can be added such as:

Re Inspection after repairs are made from Home Inspection  

Radon level testing which has become a concern in certain areas of the country

Air Quality Survey for molds and bacteria which have been associated with a variety of health effects and sensitivity varies from person to person

HVAC by Kilgore HVAC 864-915-7612

Septic tank dye testing which determines if the leach field is working properly

Water Test – to determine the quality of the drinking water in your new home

Phase Inspections – for new homes under construction

Lead Paint Рwhich may exist in homes that were built before 1978  

Winterizing – if your home will be vacant during colder months, this will protect from freezing plumbing pipes

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